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Reference projects

Buildings & Infrastructure

Flisom`s lightweight, jet black and ultra-thin, flexible solar panels can be applied on roofs & facades. Currently we set up a range of innovative solar installations worldwide. Besides supplying solar modules we work with global construction industry to shape the future of building integrated solar electricity.



Reference projects:

  • Large roof & facade installation in Zürich
  • Innovative adaptive solar facade project in Zürich

Transportation & Mobility

Automotive industry increasingly demands green solutions for emission reduction, better economics and extended Emobility drive ranges. Other companies, that continue to stretch the limits of sky and space, require better energy solutions. Flisom`s solar films are lightweight, flexible, thin, reliable and easy to integrate into many mobility applications. Our team is working with global companies for shaping the future of mobility.



Reference projects:

  • Development of integrated solar solutions for a premium car manufacturer
  • Supply of eFilm solar thin film cells for integration into sunroofs
  • Development of customized curved solar panels for integration into cable cars
  • Supply of light flexible solar panels for RVs and recreational sector

Customized solar panels & films

Our rollable & flexible solar panels power innovative applications with a requirement for lightweight, thin and flexible solar integration. In case our standard solar products cannot match a requirement, we offer our develop, test and manufacturing expertise for customized solar films. The laser patterning technology allows us to adopt the shape and electrical output of a solar array. Our backend process allows us to encapsulate our solar foils in flexible and rollable form factors.


Reference projects:

  • Developing and supply of customized ultra lightweight solar panels for high altitude airships
  • Developing and supply customized light solar films for integration into solar powered drone
  • Developing and supply of customized 1m long solar eFilm stripes for integration into tubular PV applications, similar to Solyndra concept