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Transportation & Mobility

Transportation & Mobility

The automotive industry increasingly demands green solutions for emission reduction, better economics and extended e-mobility drive ranges. Other companies that continue to push the limits of sky and space require advanced solar energy solutions. Flisom’s solar films are lightweight, flexible, thin, reliable and easy to integrate into many mobility applications.

We work with global companies, leaders of the automotive industry and aerospace contractors for shaping the future of mobility.


Range of applications:

  • Solar films integrated into the body of Trucks & trailers
  • Solar films for sunroofs or car body for Emobility & Automotive
  • Customizable and flexible solar panels for Railway integration
  • Vibration resistant, lightweight and flexible solar panels for RVs and boats
  • Ultra light solar films for stratosphere balloons & airships
  • Customized ultra light solar cells for Drones & UAVs