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eMetal is one of the thinnest, lightest and most beautiful solar panels in history. With advanced CIGS thin film properties and various mounting options for roofs and facades, eMetal opens up a new dimension for architects and building owners.


  • Backed by a strong aluminium plate
  • Lightweight, less than 4 kg/m2
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Glass-free and no breakage
  • Elegant, aesthetically pleasing
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eFlex combines flexibility, lightweight and performance into a solar module that only Flisom can build. Our fully flexible solar panel is ready for direct integration on all kind of surfaces.


  • Full flexibility for curved roofs
  • Lowest weight of less than 2 kg/m2 allows installation on any roofing
  • Adhesive mounting allows penetration-free installation on several roof types
  • Beautiful aesthetics
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eRoll is designed from the ground up to be a rollable solar panel. Combining lightweight and full rollability, the module opens up a new dimension for solar power generation. eRoll pioneers innovative solar applications, specially in mobility and speciality applications.


  • Rollability on a diameter <10 cm
  • Durable, for off-grid uses
  • Highest performance per volume and weight
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